Differentiate your business 

Display the prominent AUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLER (A-CAR) signage on you business, your website and stationery; 

Evidence to the community your professionalism; 

Improve your business insurability; 

Improve your quality control – Improve your profitability; 

Evidence to insurance companies, crash repairers and mechanical repairers that the Parts they are buying from CERTIFIED AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLERS meet relevant quality and safety standards; 

Show leadership within our Industry. 

Credibility of scheme 

The credibility of a certification program depends entirely on its ability to enforce its standards 


How is the Australian CERTIFIED AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLER (A-CAR) program enforced? 

  1. By establishing a clear Agreement between the business and the Scheme which will specify that non-compliance will result in withdrawal of Certification; 
  2. By conducting an independent physical audit on which initial Certification is based; 
  3. By the business conducting an Online Self-Audit for the following two years; 
  4. By providing that at any time during those years the business can be subject to a spot physical audit; 
  5. By conducting a further independent physical audit at the end of year three. 

This cycle is then repeated each three years. 

If a business is found to be non-compliant, the business will provided with an Improvement Notice to remedy the areas of non-compliance, and a timeframe for achieving this. A physical audit will be required to maintain Certification. 

If the business remains non-compliant it will be required to remove all AUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLER (A-CAR) signage from its premises, its website and stationery.


For further information contact David Nolan - 0418 829 110 - Email - [email protected]